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Local SEO Made Easy: Here’s How to Do it in 2022

Local SEO Made Easy: Here’s How to Do it in 2022

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is a term used in the digital marketing industry to describe a set of techniques aimed at improving the position of a website in search engine results. Essentially, it’s a way of getting your website listed above the organic search results that the search engines show to the public in their search results pages.

Many aspects of local search rank well because the indexing is user-driven—most of the local search results are user-generated. But according to Google, indexing has become more machine-driven since 2014, and it continues to grow more and more automated. So, in 2022, local SEO will become even more of a user-driven process. For instance, when a business owner posts a local listing, it may be in response to an inquiry or because they want to promote a deal. This is the content that will be indexed by Google, and it will be more important than ever.